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Lack of Diversity in Advertising (07:26)


Lewis Williams studied graphic design and found advertising as a way to make meaning. When he entered the industry, there were few black people in media or advertising. This is slowly changing and young people have more role models in successful positions.

Black Presence in the Media (06:37)

Williams and John Immesoete discuss the representation of people of color in visual media. Williams argues that while there is more presence, black figures still largely come from acceptable fields like sports and entertainment. Companies need staff who can have conversations about diversity and produce communications that are sensitive to marginalized groups.

Breaking into the Advertising Industry (08:39)

Williams emphasizes that in creative industries, people have to be honest about the quality of work, regardless of race or gender. He explains how difficult it was to get hired and gain recognition at Leo Burnett; he persevered and stood up for himself.

Supporting Minorities in Advertising (07:25)

Williams argues that without minorities at high company levels, younger employees have no role models and often face obstacles that inhibit growth. Recruitment and mentors can help support people and include more minorities in the industry. Advertisements often do not account for diversity in groups.

Race Relations on the Internet (04:25)

Williams and Immesoete discuss the impact of the internet on race relations and race in the media. People are as divided in the digital world as they are in the real world, by race and economic power. Minorities have an increasing influence on American culture.

Progress and Challenges in Race Relations (08:11)

Williams explains how companies can encourage young minorities. In some ways, race relations have improved, but in other ways they still need work; prejudice is a major obstacle.

Credits: A Conversation With Lewis Williams: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Lewis Williams: Conversations with Giants

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