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Early Success in Car Business (07:42)


Pat O'Rahilly describes his background and how he transitioned from a high school graduate to a car dealership owner. He learned about different kinds of people and their behavior. Always motivated to do his best, O'Rahilly continued to buy dealerships.

Transition to Marketing (06:30)

As a salesman, O'Rahilly communicated well with customers, taking control of his dealerships' direct marketing by personalizing mail. He started a small advertising agency to support his business, and it grew as other car dealers solicited his marketing expertise. Despite his fear, O'Rahilly sold his dealerships and started marketing full time.

Marketing Approach (03:47)

When O'Rahilly entered the marketing world he brought a car salesman's approach. With a simple set of rules, he employed strong copywriting to alter the same idea for different purposes.

Business Strategies and Fear (07:35)

O'Rahilly named his company Aspen Marketing Solutions to reflect the integrated nature of the services it provides. He works with auto companies, focusing on direct advertisements, which are most measurable. The company bought a printing press to get advertisements out in time.

Research, Growth, and Acquisition (06:07)

O'Rahilly was one of the first advertising agencies to use market research, giving clients certainty about customers. As it became one of the largest companies in Chicago, Aspen applied its strategies to other industries. O'Rahilly explains that when Epsilon acquired his company, he worked as an employee to be a good role model for his employees.

Success and Retirement (04:06)

O'Rahilly values having fun and enjoying work; he enjoys helping others succeed and being a mentor. He defines success as being happy at any stage in life. As a retiree he still sees things from an entrepreneur's perspective.

Credits: A Conversation With Pat O'Rahilly: Conversations with Giants (00:18)

Credits: A Conversation With Pat O'Rahilly: Conversations with Giants

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He had his own car dealership at the age of 23. Get the secrets to success with former president/CEO of Aspen Marketing Solutions, Pat O'Rahilly.

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