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Early Career and Creative Freedom (05:42)


Ron Lazzeretti writes and directs commercials and movies. He describes his early work for several small advertising agencies and the amount of freedom he had with certain clients.

Fear and Creativity (04:13)

Lazzeretti describes the fear of embarrassment that comes along with an environment of freedom in advertising. While some clients will publish anything, others impose more accountability. Lazzeretti agrees that the satisfaction of the work overrides the fear of failure.

Process and Resourcefulness in Directing (08:00)

Lazzeretti started as a writer then also became a director, using his creativity to be resourceful. Though it can be challenging to direct someone else's work, Lazzeretti enjoys the process of working with a film crew and producing something, regardless of who wrote it.

Balancing Commercial and Personal Work (07:37)

Lazzeretti discusses his creative process for writing movie screenplays, and his experiences directing and producing films. Immesoete argues that the advertising industry can be stifling for creative people, so working on more personal projects is important.

The Graveyard Show (04:44)

Lazzeretti describes his collaboration with David Pasquesi and Chris Stolte on an online series. After noticing the two actors worked well together, Lazzeretti proposed the open-ended project. They wrote several episodes and began shooting in an office building.

Chicago Creative Community (07:01)

Lazzeretti and Immesoete discuss what makes the Chicago community special. People tend to get together more, promoting dialogue about the arts and ideas, and so work becomes more community-based than individual-based. Lazzeretti emphasizes the importance of working for a love of the process rather than a goal of success.

Definition of Success (04:07)

Lazzeretti reflects on his childhood dreams and ideas of success. He values achieving a dream, but also maintaining a balance between family life and an artistic career.

Credits: A Conversation With Ron Lazzeretti: Conversations with Giants (00:18)

Credits: A Conversation With Ron Lazzeretti: Conversations with Giants

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