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Everything Is Copy: Introduction (06:57)


Jacob Bernstein and Delia Ephron discuss Nora Ephron's legacy. She wrote essays, screenplays, and novels based on her life.

The Legend (05:51)

The Ephron family moved to Beverly Hills so Nora's parents could pursue a screenwriting career. Gillian Ephron got her head stuck between the stairway rails and the fire department was called. Family and colleagues recall Ephron's childhood.

A Few Words About Breasts (03:55)

Lena Dunham reads the essay for Esquire. Nora accepted a job as a mail girl at "Newsweek," because the magazine refused to hire female writers. Friends and colleagues describe how she obtained a position at "The New York Post."

Dorothy Schiff and the New York Post (04:23)

Meg Ryan reads the essay for Esquire. Colleagues describe Nora's cutting sense of humor and ambitious nature.

Fantasies (03:19)

Gaby Hoffmann reads the essay for Esquire aloud. Nora marries Dan Greenberg and hosts eclectic dinner parties.

Heartburn (04:05)

Greenberg insists he never owned a hamster. Nora would borrow from her life to write prose. Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz influenced her career.

The Mink Coat (01:05)

Reese Witherspoon reads the essay for Esquire. Bernstein ponders whether Nora's need to control everything stemmed from her mother's alcoholism.

The Story of My Life in 3,500 Words or Less (11:01)

Amy Ephron wrote about her mother's death in a book. Carl Bernstein met Nora at a cocktail party. Friends and colleagues recall the marriage and how Nora detested Washington DC.

Heartburn: Success (04:55)

Nora discovered Bernstein was having an affair when his mistress sent him a book of children's poems. Nora agreed that her ex-husband's character had to be portrayed as a loving, caring father. Friends and colleagues discuss the fallout after the book's success.

Moving On (10:41)

Mike Nichols invited Nora and Alice Arlen to visit the set of "Silkwood." Rob Reiner gave Nora "the secrets of men." Nora describes her inspiration behind "When Harry Met Sally."

"Sleepless in Seattle" (07:25)

Nora wrote the screenplay about falling in love in the movies. Colleagues describe her high standards and work ethic. Nora meets Nicholas Pileggi and falls in love; her relationship with Bernstein improves.

"You've Got Mail" (04:18)

Colleagues describe how Nora wrote several critically panned movies. Delia Ephron explains why "Hanging Up" was unsuccessful.

Learning Nora Was Sick (02:08)

Family members discuss how they discovered Nora had leukemia.

"Julie and Julia" (03:12)

Friends and colleagues discuss how the movie incorporated all of Nora's favorite things. Streep explains how Julia Child's relationship with Stanley echoed that of Nora and Pileggi's.

Considering the Alternative (08:04)

Rita Wilson reads the essay for Vogue. Nora wrote frenetically in the years after her diagnosis. Friends and colleagues describe their last memories of the writer.

Nora Ephron's Last Days (05:14)

Bernstein began to call friends to inform them of Nora's prognosis. Friends describe her demeanor and desire for privacy after the chemotherapy failed.

What I Will Miss (00:56)

In "I Remember Nothing," Nora wrote about how she would miss her kids, Nick, spring, fall, butter, dinner with friends, "Pride and Prejudice" and other items.

Credits: Everything Is Copy (02:16)

Credits: Everything Is Copy

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Everything Is Copy profiles the life of Nora Ephron, the writer/director who was known for her acerbic wit and whose films include such cultural touchstones as SilkwoodWhen Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle.  Written and directed by her son, Jacob Bernstein, the 89-minute film is Bernstein’s personal investigation into his mother’s favorite motto, “Everything is copy”—a philosophy that all that happens in life, good and bad, is fodder for comedy. The film charts Ephron’s career, starting from an early stint as a reporter for the New York Post to regular columnist for Esquire, the New York Times and Cosmopolitan; her rise to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after writer/directors; as well as her high-profile relationships with celebrities in Hollywood and in the literary world; and, in her later years, her diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome—an illness she kept largely a secret until her death in 2012. Everything Is Copy also features intimate interviews with many of those closest to Ephron, including her sisters Delia, Amy and Hallie, along with friends Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and many others. In addition, Ephron’s words come to life through video and audio clips of Ephron, and through dramatic readings of her essays by Reese Witherspoon, Lena Dunham and others.

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