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Crossing the Mexican-American Border (08:14)


A 1,000 km wall stretches along the border between Mexico and the United States; one million Mexican migrants attempt to cross the border each year, and many are deported or die. On the border between Sonora and Arizona the Alberge San Juan Bosco provides support and shelter to migrants. People tell stories of attempting to cross the border and being caught by U.S. immigration officials.

Gangs and Law Enforcement on the Border (08:24)

In order to cross the border, migrants have to pay the mafia in control of the territory, enlisting a coyote to guide them. The coyote may use the people as a distraction, abandoning them to border guards so they can move drugs. Sheriffs patrol areas near the border in Arizona, many Mexicans are held in county jails.

Abuse of Migrants (08:12)

Migrants in a jail in Arizona discuss the poor conditions, lack of food, and maltreatment they experience. They also discuss a new law which allows police to stop any Hispanic person, which often results in deportation. At Casa Nazaret a woman describes the horrible treatment migrants endure from immigration officials.

Opposition to Illegal Immigration (07:44)

A group of ranchers in Arizona discuss the problem of illegal immigration and argue that there is not enough border control; they complain that Obama is not tough enough on the organized networks of immigrants trying to get into the country. Arizona has passed two laws to crack down on illegal migrants, and one sheriff is enforcing those laws with tent camps imprisoning thousands. A woman describes her attempts to cross the border and how inhumanly she was treated by officials.

Deportation Camp and Support for Migrants (07:52)

The sheriff questions prisoners in his jail; most have been in the U.S. for decades but because of a small crime will be deported. Two people bring cartons of water to the trails that many migrants use; one trail has been the location of several deaths in the past few months. Women discuss their plans to attempt crossing the border for the sake of their families, while others say they will return home.

Support and Deterrence for Border Crossing (06:20)

Armed ranchers use binoculars to look for Mexican migrants crossing the border while there is no border patrol. Two Samaritan workers place water along the trails and call out offering food and support. Two Mexican women begin their journey across the border.

Credits: Walls (01:54)

Credits: Walls

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It has been more than 50 years since the first stone of the Berlin Wall was laid in 1961—later to be torn down—but today the world is still inexorably crossed by walls, both visible and invisible. Walls that divide and exacerbate differences, walls that feed ethnic and religious hatred, walls that raise barriers between races and skin colors...walls that create conflicts all over the world. But in this painful yet hopeful story of dialogue amidst conflict, it is important to increase awareness that, perhaps, the walls within us are the most difficult to break down. The documentary Walls, shot mainly around the border between Nogales, Arizona, U.S.A., and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, shows the border that divides the United States from Mexico. Along the almost 2,000-mile border between the two countries there is a wall, a barrier of more than 600 miles that has been for years a transit point for drug dealers and migrants and the scene of thousands of killings and deaths. In Mexico, the film follows a group of migrants about to illegally climb over the wall. Meanwhile in Arizona, we meet a tough American sheriff who runs a jail for illegal immigrants. In the Arizona desert we also encounter the Minutemen, armed patriots who patrol the border, and the Samaritans, volunteers who distribute water to those migrants who have managed to cross that border. Walls: a dramatic crossroads of human destinies.

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