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Overcoming Poverty in Indonesia (06:12)


Tomizi grew up in an impoverished village in Indramayu, Indonesia, where he overcame obstacles to finish school and seek a job. Tomizi was approached to participate in a project called Village H.E.L.P., through which he could create a sustainable economy project for his community. People in Kertasmaya struggle to make a living in cities and on farms; many children do not attend school continuously.

Renting Farmland for Villagers (06:12)

Tomizi first planned to build schools as a way to support children in the village, but decided villagers first needed a sustainable livelihood. With a donation from the project, he rented ten hectares of land, which he distributed to ten families to farm. With a portion of their harvest, he rented ten more hectares; Tomizi had to objectively choose the families most in need.

The Ten Families (05:49)

The families have been selected and express their gratitude for the assistance; Abdila and his family explain that their previous income was not enough to cover school and daily expenses. Tomizi recruited three childhood friends to manage the project in the village. They measure the land precisely before assigning portions to the families.

Planting Rice and Celebration (07:19)

The families receive rice seeds and prepare fields for planting, sharing one rented tractor. Soon the seedlings come up, and then the farmers transfer them to the fields, which is a sensitive process. The villagers celebrate Han Raya Haji by killing two goats and distributing the meat; people are more hopeful now.

Harvesting the Rice (07:25)

With three weeks before harvest, farmers are wary of pests. Tomizi returns on weekends to check on the crop, and explains how insects and fungus can prevent the grains from developing. Farmers prepare for harvest day with pride and excitement and the rice harvest is successful.

Celebration and Benefit from the Harvest (08:00)

Villagers celebrate the successful harvest with music and food; Tomizi expresses his pride in the harvest and is given the honor of serving the special rice dish. The farmers and their families discuss their priorities for the rice income, namely paying for rent, farm services, repairing homes, sending children to school, and saving for the next season.

Planning for the Future (07:39)

Tomizi and the village leaders discuss the success of the project as well as problems; they plan for the next ten hectares of land. Farmers continue to harvest and set aside several bags of rice for Tomizi to use to acquire more land. He feels committed to helping his community out of the poverty cycle and into better lives with more independence and stability.

Credits: The Village HELP: Land for the People (05:06)

Credits: The Village HELP: Land for the People

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Can the cycle of the poverty be broken? The answer is yes. The Village HELP: Land for the People is one such story about how a village in Indonesia decided to heal its environment and liberate its people from years of poverty. Starting with ten hectares of land, the community members begin to grow rice on their own land for the first time. As they celebrate their first successful harvest, the leaders plan to grow the land and break the cycle of poverty. What are the life-changing decisions they have to make for this to happen? This is a story about the universal human struggle against all odds.

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