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Appalachian Hardwood Forests (04:27)


Touring through the deep south of the United States, this film will travel from Georgia through the Gulf of Mexico, to the Mississippi River Delta. Elgin Wells is a poet and stunt flyer who composes his music in a pine and oak forest in Georgia.

Elgin Wells, Musical Aviator (04:16)

With help from his mechanic, Elgin rigs his stunt planes in his Atlanta hangar. His father was a military pilot in World War II, and bought Elgin his first plane when he was 20. Elgin plays seven different types of musical instrument, and combined his passions in the aircraft, Starjammer.

Lake Lanier and Stone Mountain (04:44)

Lake Lanier is part of a network of rivers that flow to the Gulf of Mexico. The Buford Dam protects Atlanta from floods of the Chattahoochee River and stores water in the Lake Lanier reservoir.

Montgomery, Alabama (05:15)

Downstream of the Chattahoochee River is the capital of Alabama, Montgomery. Montgomery was built on the cotton industry as a trade hub, and is the hometown of Martin Luther King, Jr. In Newbern, young artists and architects study under the mentorship of Andrew Freear.

Newbern's Rural Studio (04:38)

Lauren Danley is a professional welder, visiting the Rural Studio to teach young architects. Andrew Freear and his team have been developing an affordable housing project for 10 years.

Natchez, Mississippi (06:50)

Natchez is the oldest town on the Mississippi river, named after a local native tribe. After changing hands multiple times, Natchez became American when Napoleon sold Louisiana to Jefferson. Named "Angola" after the slave plantation that formerly occupied the area, the Louisiana State Penitentiary is the largest maximum security prison in the US.

Avery Island's Tabasco Hot Sauce (06:18)

After the Civil War, Edmund McIlhenny created the recipe for Tabasco sauce. The current head of the Tabasco family, Tony Simons, describes the conservation efforts of Edmund's son, Edward A.

Atchafalaya Basin (05:23)

When the first settlers arrived, Louisiana had endless stretches of trees and swamps which were cleared and levied for development. Between two levees lies the Atchafalaya Basin, a vast wetland.

Living in the Bayou (06:24)

Shane Doucet is a former craw fisherman, visiting the bayou in his free time. During the fishing season, bayou residents occupy floating cabins on the water.

Crab Fishing in the Delta (02:56)

At the end of the Mississippi River, the Mississippi Delta spans between the river and the sea. Storms and hurricanes make life difficult in the delta. Local father and son Steve and Chris brave the oncoming winds of Hurricane Isaac to fish for crabs on the shoreline.

Credits: U.S.A.: The Deep South (01:23)

Credits: U.S.A.: The Deep South

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From the State of Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico, across Alabama and then down the Mississippi to its mouth, U.S.A.: The Deep South is a journey of encounter with those who love the Deep South. Elgin Wells combines his two passions: music and stunt flying. Pilot, musician, poet, he is one of the few in America to present nighttime aerial displays. At Natchez, on the banks of the Mississippi, Pat Martin and Gay Guercio open the doors to Stanton Hall and Longwood, two magnificent mansions in the heart of the old cotton plantations. On Avery Island, the descendants of Edmund Mcilhenny produce Tabasco, a simple recipe based on Mexican spices that has remained unchanged for 150 years. In the Atchafalaya Basin, an extraordinary nature reserve that is a paradise for birds, crawfish, and alligators, Roy Blanchard and Shane Doucet are fighting to preserve their identity as Acadians, descendants of the first immigrants, who still speak old French. And finally as Hurricane Isaac approaches, a most unlikely encounter with Chris and Steve, crab fishermen in the swamps on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

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