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Chiang Mai Massage Schools (04:53)


Thailand's northern city is attracting international wellness students. The Sunshine Massage School teaches traditional Thai techniques, including targeting specific energy points. Former Moroccan CEO Noelle seeks a career change in Australia after the course.

Radical Career Change (02:58)

Former U.S. Air Force EOD disposal expert Mike Chosik massages clients in a Chiang Mai temple. He specializes in the tok sen technique using wooden percussion tools to transmit sound waves through the skin and muscles.

Blind Masseuses (02:59)

Visually disabled Thai people are coveted for their heightened sense of touch. Chosik studies with Ajarn Sinchai, who specializes in paralysis.

Visual Disability Advantage (03:09)

Christiana is a blind masseuse in Paris. Her clients feel more at ease about nudity and appreciate her heightened sense of touch.

Massage in the Workplace (04:03)

A Paris limousine company has hired shiatsu expert Patricia to help employees. She monitors their physical and psychological tension between sessions. Learn about shiatsu meridians.

Private Shiatsu Practitioners (06:57)

Real estate agent Pasquale prepares a property to show a prospective buyer. His commission based job is physically and psychologically tiring. He has hired masseuse Florence Monet to help manage his stress; she discusses the therapy's power.

Aque Kine (04:49)

Pierre Blay works at a massage center outside Montreal. He practices a water based technique on a tennis player; submerged in a swimming pool, the client loses their sense of orientation.

Massage for Babies and Children (05:27)

Mary Christine massages her toddler Isaac; his communication skills and sense of security have improved. Blay demonstrates techniques on a teddy bear and explains the bonding aspects to Isaac's father.

Massage in School (05:36)

Blay is teaching children how to massage each other. It increases concentration and improves respect among students. No adults touch the children.

Emotional Freedom Technique (03:37)

Gary Craig invented a technique to address trauma among war veterans in the 1990s. Practitioners like Matthew instruct clients to tap their meridians while talking about their issues. Results are concrete.

Practicing EFT (03:52)

Musician Martin has gone to sessions with Matthew to address stage fright. He discusses how the technique has helped him in stressful situations. Massage is becoming a key component of healing and harmonizing the body and spirit.

Credits: Massage: Age-Old Tradition, Worldwide Phenomenon (00:58)

Credits: Massage: Age-Old Tradition, Worldwide Phenomenon

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Massage: Age-Old Tradition, Worldwide Phenomenon

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Age-old tradition or worldwide fashion, massages are a bubble of well-being where one can seclude oneself for a brief moment of time from the whirlwind of the society that we live in today. Stress can cause an increase in tension throughout the body that can lead to anxiety, and massage helps to release this stress and improve balance in the body and mind. As a result, it allows for a more balanced perspective in stressful situations. Whether it be massage on the job to stressed employees or taught to school children or practiced by mothers on their infants, the film travels around the world to look at how massage is practiced today. In northern Thailand blind masseurs are the new stars of this discipline, sought-after for their unique touch due to their blindness. Massage, a fascinating tradition and yet incredibly modern, has become popular the world over.

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