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Mapletree Anson—Noble Resources (03:30)


Singapore announced plans to make 80% of the skyscrapers environmentally friendly by 2030. Private companies earn green mark awards depending on their level of sustainable practices. Learn how Noble Resources earned the Green Mark Gold Plus Certification for Office Interior.

The Galen Building—Ascendas Land (02:31)

Dr. John Keung discusses implementing the Green Mark Standards for sustainability. The Galen building became the first existing building to earn a Green Mark Platinum Award.

Fuji Xerox Tower (02:44)

Xerox installed a new air conditioning system and reduced its carbon footprint and electrical consumption. The developer held a contest for students to brainstorm eco-friendly ideas.

National Library Building (01:51)

This building won the first Green Mark Platinum Award in Singapore. Reasons include energy efficiency, natural ventilation, blinds, and gardens to modulate temperatures.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (03:19)

This building saves $4.2 million a year. Plants and waterfalls cool the environment. Sunshades shelter the inside from heat.

Green Mark Gold Award home (01:45)

Christophe Inglin designed his home with solar panels, an underground well to harvest rainwater, and a non-air conditioned main floor. The Building and Construction Authority helps owners save money on energy efficiency.

Heartlanders—Treelodge at Punggol (07:03)

The Housing and Development Board will complete this eco-friendly project by 2010. The eco-kiosk at City Square Mall informs visitors about recent improvements; 313 at Somerset Mall offers a green lease to encourage renters to use sustainable practices. (Credits)

ITE College West (01:58)

Jaye Tan designs green buildings to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. The college boasts natural ventilation, lush landscaping, and a Teflon roof. The Building and Housing Authority introduced Green Mark Manager and Professional Program to educate others about sustainability.

Asia Square Tower 1 (03:04)

Tan Phay Ping lectures students at the Green Mark Manager and Professional Program and helped consult on this eco-friendly building. Tan demonstrates software she uses to provide optimum efficiency.

United World College of Southeast Asia (03:56)

Architects earned a Green Mark Platinum award for designing a cost-neutral building. Simon Thomas describes how the team reduced the number of lights and added in light sensors. The BCA added projects from Thailand, China, and Malaysia.

Resorts World Sentosa (05:58)

Green initiatives at entertainment parks include green roofs, solar panel systems, lagoons, roofs, recycled trees, and relocating coral. At Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, weekly guided walks provide education and outreach.

Samwoh Corporation Eco-Green Building (03:54)

Developers created an aggregate using recycled concrete. Dr. Ho Nyok Yong conducts strength and durability tests on substances with varying degrees of RCA.

Zero Energy Building at BCA Academy (03:40)

Evonne Ong works in a building with personal air conditioners and natural lighting. A zero energy building needs to produce as much energy as it consumes. Singapore announced plans to make 80% of the skyscrapers environmentally friendly by 2030.

Credits: A Green Mark Singapore (00:29)

Credits: A Green Mark Singapore

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Singapore is planning to make 80 percent of its buildings green by 2030. Intended to incentivize Singapore’s construction industry towards building more environmentally friendly buildings, the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Scheme is seen as a stamp of approval by the private sector and homeowners who want to boost their green credentials. The question is how are these companies and individuals going about sprucing up their buildings to meet the bill? A Green Mark Singapore delves into the practices and technologies that have been adopted at environmentally friendly buildings in Singapore. Buildings profiled include the following: Mapletree Anson—Noble Resources; The Galen Building—Ascendas Land; Fuji Xerox Tower; National Library Building; Khoo Teck Puat Hospital; Green Mark Gold Award home; Heartlanders—Treelodge at Punggal; City Square Mall; 313 at Somerset Mall; ITE College West; Asia Square Tower 1; United World College of SouthEast Asia; BCA Green Mark Scheme—International Development Division; Resorts World Sentosa; Sungei Buloh Westland Reserve; Samwoh Corporation Eco-Green Building; and Zero Energy Building at BCA Academy.

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