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Introduction: The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar (02:54)


Relatives ask when Ruchika Muchhala is getting married. Cricket, films, and weddings are an obsession for many Indian people; 90% of marriages are arranged. This video will examine Sonali, Preeti, and Ruchika's journey. (Credits)

Prospective Brides (05:04)

Sonali joined the police force when she was 20; she faces increasing pressure to marry after her father's death. Preeti's entire family accompanied her on her first date. Ruchika moved from Singapore and works as a filmmaker.

Traditional First Stop for Marriage (02:38)

Ruchika visits an astrologer to determine which actions she should take to marry. Her parents argue over the optimal age to marry.

Choosing a Husband (03:21)

Sonali delivers cards announcing her marriage and believes that 25 is the right age to marry. Ruchika and her mother argue about the most important aspects of a husband. The Bhatia community brings a diary of eligible boys.

Internet Arranged Marriages (03:19) claims responsibility for over 170,000 marriages annually. Gourav Rakshit describes how the Internet broadens the market for a spouse. Ruchika joins the website.

Professional Matchmaker (03:04)

Families come to Mumbai to meet Priya Shah. She recommends that Ruchika look for an NRI groom at an upcoming function. Ruchika agrees to the matchmaker fee.

Ceremonial Wedding Traditions (02:39)

Sonali relieved a call from the marriage bureau telling her someone offered her marriage. Guests rub turmeric on her face and then on each other in the Haldi Ceremony. Preeti participates in a Sangeet Ceremony before the wedding.

Conflicting Cultural Tendencies (04:47)

Ruchika poses for a headshot to hand out to prospective suitors. The photographer discusses how he will touch up the photograph. Dr. Minnu Bhonsle describes how fathers educate and liberate their daughters and then expect them to marry and become submissive.

Duties of an Indian Wife (02:40)

The four duties a wife must perform include accompanying her husband, being a nurturing mother, serving her family, and pleasuring her husband. Preeti's family performs a ceremony to reinforce this belief. The bride changes her name to "Vanshika" to reflect her marriage.

Refusal of Marriage (03:38)

Sonali refused to marry Bhayander because he complained about her caste. Ruchika's mother calls the marriage bureau after seeing a marriage advertisement. Watch video of Preeti's engagement ceremony.

Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages (03:26)

Ruchika's mother does not believe she is taking an arranged marriage seriously. Sonali describes why arranged marriages are better. A father explains the Kanyadaan ceremony.

Arranged Marriage System Experience (05:29)

Ruchika prepares to attend an event hosted by Priya which is a combination of speed-dating and Swayamvar. She meets several eligible suitors. Participants discuss why they decided to attend.

Perspective on Marriage (05:09)

Ruchika's mother and Priya intensify efforts to find a husband. After several blind dates, Ruchika realizes she is not ready for marriage. At a yoga therapy class women argue about why Ruchika feels stressed about the process.

Marriage Journey Conclusion (02:38)

Ruchika's parents leave India; they realize she is not ready to marry. Preeti and Sonali marry.

Credits: The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar (01:23)

Credits: The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar

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The great Indian wedding is the "great Indian obsession," on par with the other two things that possess the country’s imagination: cricket and film. The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar is the film that India stars in, written and directed by the participants and produced to the best of their abilities. In an era of modernization in India, arranged marriages have become a multi-billion-dollar business. Forty percent of the world’s marriages take place in India. Of them, a staggering 90 percent are arranged. Elaborate match-making meetings, complete with websites and screening systems, have emerged, making the choice of the ideal marriage partner a business and not an affair of the heart. The arranged marriage is a unique glimpse of modern India’s concerns: class, economics, and status. Our story follows three young women, one of which is the director of this film, as they embark on their journey through The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar.

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