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Life and Death (05:16)


Young children worry about death and dying. Karine explains how her mother was picking out wallpaper for her bedroom the night before she committed suicide. Her friends did not know how Karine's mother died.

Mourning Mothers (02:55)

Children share what they believe death is. Loic's mother recorded a video tape for him. Emelie's mother died of skin cancer.

Car Accident (03:02)

Virginie and Rosalie describe how their father died in a car accident the night before they were to vacation in the Bahamas. The sisters discuss how they did not want to see his dead body and knew he wasn't going to return to them.

Sudden Death (05:45)

Frederic's mother suffered from a stroke and died quickly. Marie-Clara describes how her father died when his heart stopped beating; her mother refused to tell her until the next day. She saw a video where an angel brought back someone who died, but knows that will not happen to her father.

Suicide (03:26)

Karine's brother was scared that he would die and slept poorly after his mother's suicide. Michael describes how his father appeared happy on the day he took his own life.

Wakes and Funerals (05:00)

Children describe seeing the corpse and ashes of their loved one who died. Frederic said goodbye to his mother at the hearse. Virginie and Rosalie explain they would have preferred if their dad was not cremated.

Death of a Child (03:32)

Charlie-Audrey describes how a car hit her brother. Her mother could not stop crying after Bruno's death.

Forgiveness (04:01)

Karine feels as if her mother abandoned her. Rosalie draws violent pictures about the drunk driver who killed her father. Virginie needs a photograph to picture her father.

Children Missing Their Mothers (02:03)

Emelie wonders why her mother died on Mother's Day. Karine cried after Emelie's mother kissed Karine goodnight.

Watching Parents Mourn (03:40)

Charlie-Audrey describes how depressed her mother became after the death of her brother. Loic explains how he cared for his mother during her illness.

Talking to the Departed (05:44)

Frederic tells his mother he loves her every day. Rosalie describes the difference between a father and a stepfather. Marie-Clara' watches videos and listens to stories when she is sad about her father's death.

Where Do Loved Ones Go? (05:45)

Children discuss what they believe happens after death. Theories include reincarnation, watching from the stars, and staying nearby. Virginie believes her father ceased to exist.

Credits: The Fiancée of Life (01:49)

Credits: The Fiancée of Life

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The Fiancée of Life, directed by Carole Langanière and produced by Alain Corneau, is a touching portrayal of several children from ages six to twelve who have experienced the loss of a loved one—a father, a mother, or a brother who died because of cancer or a car accident or by suicide. A Malaysian proverb says that Death is the fiancée of Life, that both are united to each other by a sort of promise. For these youngsters, that delicate thread of life was severed far too early. With their innocent smiles, their hearts touched forever by their loss, the children express simply what they feel. Through candid testimonials, these children allow us to see their tremendous inner strength despite their visible pain. Life and Death are inseparable, and we live in a society where we estrange the living from the dead, but in The Fiancée of Life we see these children bravely break the silence and find the path towards healing.

Length: 53 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64347-655-1

Copyright date: ©2002

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