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United States: Fungi Town (07:21)


A company in California collects used coffee grounds and uses them to help grow gourmet mushrooms. The coffee industry produces large amounts of waste and only certain plants, such as mushrooms, can grow in it. The business is meeting the increased demands for organic vegetables.

Thailand: Old School Thai (07:27)

North Andaman Tsunami Relief has branched into ecotourism with Andaman Discoveries, which gives visitors an opportunity to contribute to local communities. It gives visitors a chance to experience Thailand away from the heavily developed tourist resorts.

Afghanistan: Afghan Hands (08:08)

An Afghan-born makeup artist from New York returned to establish Afghan Hands, which employees Afghani widows as seamstresses. The company does hand embroidery for European and American companies. It also provides educational courses.

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 2 (00:10)

Credits: World Challenge: Episode 2

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Fungi Town: BTTR Ventures (U.S.A.) This innovative business turns the waste from coffee grounds into the ideal medium for growing gourmet mushrooms. Old School Thai: Andaman Discoveries (Thailand) The most genuine tourist experience possible in Thailand? Become a Thai villager for the week. Afghan Hands (Afghanistan) How the American high-end fashion business is creating a design to improve the lives of the women widowed by decades of conflict in Afghanistan.

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