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Impact of Arthur Rimbaud (04:26)


Pierre Brunel explains that he needed to learn two of the poet's poems by heart for primary school. Listen to the impact and excerpts of "The Buffet" and "The Runaways." "A Season in Hell" is the only work that exists the way he wanted.

Rimbaud's Farewell (02:12)

Listen to an excerpt from "L'Eclair" and "Phrases." Last year, an unpublished version of "Memory" was discovered.

Rimbaud's Correspondence (03:24)

Brunel describes why he feels the correspondence is an important aspect of the poet's works. Rimbaud wrote two important letters from "the seer" in 1871 and also published his adventures in journals and magazines.

Inspirations for Artist (02:13)

Rimbaud is considered revolutionary, a voice for rebellion, passionate, and a voice of adolescent thought. He stopped writing when he turned 20.

Credits: Rimbaud: The Adventure, the Poetry (01:32)

Credits: Rimbaud: The Adventure, the Poetry

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Rimbaud: The Adventure, the Poetry

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Pierre Brunel, a professor at the Sorbonne, discusses several aspects of Rimbaud: the poet of childhood (his verse-poems are studied in the classroom), the adventure and mysteries of his text, Rimbaud the letter writer, and Rimbaud the journalist (particularly during his stay in Africa). Various documents and scenes shot in Charleville and Africa contribute to our understanding of this astonishingly modern poet, the idol of writers, painters...and rockers!

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