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Health Preservation Concept (03:29)


Yang-sheng methods in TCM aim to give patients long and healthy lives and prevent illness. Learn about nourishing the body, heart and spirit to withstand pain, pathogens and disease.

Exercise (04:29)

Ancient physician Hua Tuo invented exercises based on animal movements that are believed to have inspired Tai Chi and Qigong. The practices promote relaxation, tranquility and qi flow, balance yin and yang, and are effective against disease.

Mental Health Cultivation (03:54)

TCM emphasizes slight detachment for healthy qi and disease resistance. Body (jing), mind (qi) and spirit (shen) energy sources are deeply interlinked. Hear how the seven emotions influence physical health and target specific organs.

Healing through Art and Music (03:33)

Music, chess, art and calligraphy help calm the mind by engaging the brain, improving hand-eye coordination, and promoting qi flow. Learn about the importance of timing activities according to season and time of day.

Dietary Therapy (03:18)

Medicinal foods are integral to health preservation. Learn about balancing the five flavors of sourness, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, pungency. Physicians should identify the disease source and try to heal with food before using medications.

Food as Medicine (03:46)

Distinctions between foods and medicines are blurred in TCM. Hear examples of teas and porridges used to prevent illness and promote weight loss.

Credits: Health Preservation and Wellness (00:24)

Credits: Health Preservation and Wellness

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Health Preservation and Wellness

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Taking tonics is only one out of many approaches to health preservation. Behind the ancient wisdom of TCM lies the science and art of maintaining wellness. Understand how they can be your best defense against pains and ailments.

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