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Understanding Qi (04:25)


An analogy compares qi to water surrounding a fish; it is a life force in humans and in the natural world. Learn about its roots in Chinese philosophy. It does not cause change, but takes on different forms.

Qi in Humans (03:21)

Chinese physicians believe we are a microcosm of the universe; our qi should be a part of nature. Learn about the natural symbolism within its character.

Qi Functions (02:46)

Learn about prenatal qi, inherited from our parents, and postnatal qi, derived from nutrition and environment. It is the source of movement and development in the body, protects against disease, and maintains physical structure.

Qi and Internal Organs (02:17)

Learn about the role of the liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, and the heart; "zang" organs have their own qi. Qi helps keep our organs in balance.

Qi Disharmony Patterns (05:08)

Learn about normal qi directions. Qi can either be stagnant or deficient. Hear Chinese herbs commonly used to replenish qi and address stomach qi stagnation. Chinese physicians recommend using Qigong to train oneself to regulate Qi.

Blood and Qi (03:55)

Blood moves through blood vessels and meridians like a river; qi activates and quickens. Qi moves blood while blood nourishes organs that produce and regulate qi. Disharmonies include congealed and deficient blood.

Credits: Qi and Qi Blood (00:18)

Credits: Qi and Qi Blood

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Qi and Qi Blood

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Qi is what marks the difference between a living and a dead person. The ancient Chinese believed that it is the most fundamental entity that makes up the world. Everything in the universe that moves and changes is because of it. Qi, the concept most central to traditional Chinese medicine, is as fundamental to Chinese medical thought as Yin and Yang.

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