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Zang Fu System (03:36)


TCM makes observations, analyses, generalizations and conclusions about dynamic functions inside the body, rather than static anatomy. Classifications include zang (solid) organs, fu (hollow) organs, and "extraordinary" organs that appear like fu but function like zang organs.

Internal Organ Equilibrium (04:00)

Zang organs are yin; fu organs are yang. Illness occurs when there is a deficiency or excess in either group. TCM strengthens chi to restore balance and facilitate self-healing. Hear how insomnia, the heart and the stomach are linked.

Zang Organs (06:33)

Hear why TCM views the heart as the most important organ in the zang group. Learn about functions of the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidney, including health and illness indications.

Fu and Extraordinary Organs (04:04)

Learn about function of the stomach, small and large intestine, gallbladder, bladder and "triple burner," including indications of health and illness. The brain, bones, gallbladder, womb, and blood vessels possess structural similarities to the zang group, but can store fluids.

Restoring Health (02:00)

Ancient Chinese philosophers hypothesized what happens inside the body based on external disease symptoms, developing Zang Fu Theory. TCM seeks to return the body to its balanced state, to facilitate self-healing.

Credits: The Zang Fu Theory (00:25)

Credits: The Zang Fu Theory

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The Zang Fu Theory

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In traditional Chinese medicine, organs are classified into three large groups by their functions: the zang, the fu, and the extraordinary. They either store and regulate essence or transform and distribute nutrients in the body. TCM believes that one falls ill if the balance between the zang and fu systems are out of balance but that once harmony is restored, the body is naturally healed.

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