Segments in this Video

Impact Events (04:19)


Comets come from the edge of the solar system, while asteroids are closer to Earth. Impact events are when celestial objects collide, like a meteorite with Earth. Impact events created the moon and caused dinosaur extinction.

Finding Interviews (03:05)

See potential interviewees learn about the project and what the directors are trying to accomplish. See directors explaining the types of questions that will be asked.

Mali (02:25)

See behind the scenes production of an interview with a woman in Mali. Hear a subject's interpretation of the meaning of life.

Bolivia (02:42)

A director in Bolivia explains how they worked with a NGO to get in contact with miners for potential participants. See interview with a Bolivian miner.

Germany (02:26)

See director move furniture in a host's home to set up the perfect backdrop for the interview. Hear German man's perspective on childhood and lessons from parents.

Benin (02:21)

See director putting a microphone on a man in Benin and preparing him for the types of questions he will ask. See director coaching man on how to properly answer the questions.

China (04:05)

See Chinese man painting traditional calligraphy and teaching documentary staff the art form. See director instruct subjects where and when they will film.

Pakistan (02:07)

See director communicate questions to the subject through a translator. See director ask Pakistani man how he would feel if he were born a woman.

Difficult Interviews (05:29)

See directors impacted by difficult interviews such as a woman speaking about violence and discrimination. Hear director speak about needing time to think after heavy interviews.

The Human Experience (02:25)

See director discuss his inability to be indifferent when subjects tell personal stories of love and loss. See a man in Benin explain his reason for existence.

Cuba (05:10)

See documentary team and Cubans discuss the struggles living in a communist country. See interviews of Cubans who support the government verses those who do not.

Serbia (02:43)

See Serbian woman discussing how she lives an easier life than her mother did. See translator relaying details to the director.

Human Connection (05:10)

See director try to work with subject in Mali on his availability for an interview. See director express her passion for discovering who someone is through their experiences. See directors going through footage from interviews.

Madagascar (04:18)

See interview of Madagascan man discussing God and Prayer. See director working with a translator to ask the subject about his purpose.

Credits: The Making of 6 Billion Others (02:05)

Credits: The Making of 6 Billion Others

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The Making of 6 Billion Others takes us behind the scenes of a most intriguing series. The idea of for this series came from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, an award-winning filmmaker who was filming Earth from Above in Mali. One day when the helicopter that he was filming from was out of commission, he tried to draw a portrait of contemporary humankind by asking questions about universal values. What is happiness, love, fear, success, family? What lessons can we learn from life’s difficulties? What is the meaning of life? What makes us laugh or cry? Through camera close-ups, the viewer focuses on the words and facial expressions of people from around the world who share their thoughts and memories with spontaneity and sincerity. Focusing on 12 themes, these interviews cut across all walks of life and enrich us by their diversity and by the thoughts they provoke.

Length: 50 minutes

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