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Introduction: Worst Fears (02:05)


A man in Serbia states that he fears women and the lack of financial security in his country. A woman in China dreads the day her parents pass away. A man in Ethiopia fears falling into emptiness.

Religion and Myths (03:19)

A man in Jerusalem states that he fears God. A man in Papua New Guinea discusses his fear of going to hell and meeting Satan. A man in Cuba fears finding out that God does not exist.

Family (02:40)

A woman in Kenya shares her fear of husbands and wives fighting and burdening the family. An Indian woman fears her abusive husband. A woman in Romania expresses her worries over her children's safety.

Money (03:50)

A man in China fears becoming ill because he does not have the means to survive. A woman in Serbia scrapes by financially because of the working conditions. An Irish man discusses the economic state of his country.

Loss and Death (04:08)

A woman in Romania fears her mental health declining with age. A man in France expresses his fear of passing away. A woman in Sweden discusses the painful experience of losing her son.

War (03:49)

A man in New Orleans fears the reinstatement of the draft. A Japanese man remembers the WWII bomber planes flying over Hiroshima. A man in France discusses the threat of nuclear war and humanity destroying the earth.

Humankind (04:51)

A woman in Tunisia fears humankind's predisposition to cruelty. A man in Benin discusses the fear of being betrayed by someone you trusted completely. A woman in Bosnia-Herzegovina laments that people of different religions no longer gather in each other's homes.

Credits: Fear (01:10)

Credits: Fear

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What is your biggest fear?

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