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Existential Psychology Overview (02:40)


Rollo May explains that existentialism concerns human existence, rather than abstract thought. He discusses the ontological use of the terms will and being.

Using the Now (05:50)

Analytic philosophy and psychology scorn existentialist ideas. Existentialism is a philosophy and a psychology for a time of crisis; it deals with being in the moment. May became an existentialist while ill with tuberculosis; he discusses anxiety and guilt.

Will and Intentionality (02:45)

Intentionality includes orientation to the world and meaning given to others and the world. It is the relationship between an external thing and the self. May discusses subjectivity and phenomenology; existentialism has influenced culture.

Using Existentialism in Therapy (02:21)

May identifies as a humanistic psychologist and psychoanalyst, but says classifications are un-existential. He listens for client intentionality and encourages clients to structure their sessions.

Existential Therapist (03:24)

May finds each client reacts differently to him; he takes a flexible approach to each case. When the cultural myth has caused them anxiety, he helps them expand their intentionality by being himself; he frames this in terms of transference.

Therapeutic Relationship and Loneliness (03:00)

May says therapeutic training should sharpen a counselor's sensitivity to different personality types; technique should be subordinate to understanding. He discusses working through client isolation issues.

Cultural Transition (07:33)

May reflects on replacing old myths with new ones, such as women's liberation and one world. After studying Greek philosophy, he returned to the American "frontier" myth out of a suspicion of subjectivity. He believes in active work, rather than academia.

Credits: Rollo May on Existential Psychology (00:38)

Credits: Rollo May on Existential Psychology

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Rollo May on Existential Psychology

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In this video discussion with John Whiteley, Rollo May speaks about the theory and practice of existential therapy.

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