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American Psychology Context (04:25)


Rollo May discusses behaviorism and orthodox Freudianism that dominated before humanistic psychology developed. Together with colleagues, he founded the Humanist Association of Humanistic Psychologists. The Old Saybrook Conference identified a need for a new, human psychology approach to psychotherapy.

Focus on the Body (04:14)

May relates the epistemology of humanistic psychology to existential psychology. He became disillusioned by the movement's anti-intellectual direction and established a committee on humanistic psychology theory with like-minded colleagues.

Humanistic Psychology Theory Presuppositions (06:16)

Components include addressing the total human, including the mind and body; acknowledging subjectivity; psychologists confronting their own values; basing criteria on normal human beings; and including creativity, religion, desires, and meditation effects in psychology.

Psychology as a Science (02:18)

May hopes to apply humanistic psychology theory to social science. He discusses developing an epistemology for psychotherapy if it cannot become a humanistic science by American standards.

Future of Humanistic Psychology (02:39)

May urges colleagues to support the development of the form of science, art, or psychotherapy they believe in. He predicts an increasing interest in his field; behaviorism will decrease in significance as attitudes toward technology shift.

History vs. Technology (01:45)

May says that behavior modification psychology does not support a humanistic context. In constantly looking to the future, humans will lose consciousness.

Credits: Rollo May on Humanistic Psychology (00:39)

Credits: Rollo May on Humanistic Psychology

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Rollo May on Humanistic Psychology

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In this video interview with John Whiteley, Rollo May discusses the origins, purpose, and development of humanistic psychology and reflects on his own role in this movement. He explains that psychology should deal with the whole human being, be based on normal people, and recognize the subjective attitudes of the counselor.

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