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Insider Perspective on Marriage (05:18)


Carl Rogers asks Jane and Jerry about important parts of their partnership. Jane discusses their mutual awareness, confidence and trust. Jerry says things are constantly evolving; confrontation is an inevitable part of communication.

Balancing Career and Marriage (03:57)

Jerry outlines a recent argument about moving away from the area and leaving his job. Confrontation with Jane has helped him find a way to prioritize their family and partnership. Being open with her feelings facilitates better communication.

Openness in a Partnership (04:49)

Jane wants to explore what is happening in the marriage, but not become bogged down and re-visit old issues. She discusses working through challenges with her teenage son and learning to give him more independence.

Marriage Challenges (04:49)

Jerry says prioritizing his job over family and subsuming individuality in the partnership have been issues. Jane surprised him by going back to school and deciding to return to their old home. Jerry feels uncomfortable about having to find another job.

Resolving Resentment (03:36)

Jane never felt comfortable when she and Jerry relocated from Wisconsin for Jerry's career. This feeling built until she decided to return home; she reflects asserting her needs outside the traditional wifely role. She was willing to give her family time.

Family Support Process (02:19)

Jane and Jerry discuss the family's initial disbelief of Jane's decision to relocate. After months, they have come to accept her resolve.

Financial Views (03:34)

Jerry prefers to save money while Jane is a spender. He agreed to give her an allowance to use without judgment. He reflects on shifting his views of the husband as the family "boss" to supporting a more equal partnership.

Sexual Challenges (04:03)

Jane had trouble being intimate with Jerry while she felt resentful of their situation. Now, she hopes for a more fulfilling sex life. Jerry feels uncomfortable talking about the issue, but acknowledges they have different circadian rhythms.

Jane's Personal Evolution (03:14)

Rogers reflects on Jane and Jerry's initial discomfort and use of communication jargon. Jerry's "marriage" to his job is an ongoing issue. Jane has challenged her WASP identity and given her teenage son more independence.

Jerry's Personal Evolution (03:27)

Rogers talks about Jerry's realizations that his marriage does not fit into a stereotype and that he and Jane must retain their individuality within the partnership. Jane's decision to relocate, built on resentment, challenged his idea of spousal roles.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 2 — An Interview With Jane and Jerry (00:41)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 2 — An Interview With Jane and Jerry

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Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 2 — An Interview With Jane and Jerry

Part of the Series : Pioneers of Counseling: In Their Own Words
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In this program, Carl Rogers works with Jane and Jerry interviewing them to determine their contrasting backgrounds, problems they have faced, and sources of fulfillment they may have discovered in their relationship. At the end of the session, Rogers reviews what he has learned about their partnership.

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