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Partner Compatibility (03:57)


Carl Rogers asks Nancy and John about significant aspects of their partnership. Nancy feels that they grow together and share more interests. John discusses sharing values.

Changing the Nature of Commitment (03:45)

Nancy and John have been married six months. John relates his pre-wedding anxiety; he feels he and Nancy "re-chose" one another every day, before marriage. Nancy does not feel any difference in their relationship since getting married.

Two Independent People Relating (03:04)

Nancy discusses having different interests from John, including dating other people. John says Nancy gives him freedom to be himself and do whatever he wants. He believes he cannot fully reciprocate this aspect of their marriage.

Resisting Traditional Marriage Roles (05:20)

John talks about Nancy giving him the freedom to date other women. Nancy discusses the emotional process of accepting and supporting his behavior. She does not have the same desire to date other men; he is concerned about her safety.

Open Relationship Challenges (02:07)

Nancy discusses her mixed emotions about John dating other women. On one hand, she wants him to meet new people; on the other, she needs his attention and companionship.

Partnership Difficulties (05:40)

John enjoys going out in larger groups and wishes Nancy would be more social. Nancy discusses John's hedonism and her own Puritan work ethic. John says he pursues one interest at a time.

Support in a Marriage (02:37)

John feels that Nancy is an integral part of his life and encourages him to try new business ideas. Nancy feels she provides the voice of reason. She says he is not always supportive of her desires.

Conflict Resolution (04:49)

Nancy tries to be logical and rational in disagreements, but struggles with outward emotions. She uses her intellect to overcome jealousy. John values their rational approach, but sometimes lets emotion lead his response.

Relationship "Crisis" (01:32)

Nancy describes an incident in which she was irritable toward John and he responded by wanting to get away from her. She agrees that these were emotional reactions.

Modern Couple (03:01)

Rogers reflects on Nancy and John's open partnership that seems to be one sided. Nancy uses logic to justify John's dating, while John's emotions keep him from giving her the same freedom.

Nancy's Emotional Issues (05:40)

Rogers comments on John and Nancy's different attitudes toward work. He predicts that Nancy's attempts to control and deny her feelings will create conflict in their marriage. John teaches business and Nancy is a student who works part-time as a stripper.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 1 — An Interview With Nancy and John (00:42)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 1 — An Interview With Nancy and John

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Carl Rogers on Marriage: Part 1 — An Interview With Nancy and John

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In this program, Carl Rogers works with Nancy and John, interviewing them to determine their contrasting backgrounds, problems they have faced, and sources of fulfillment they may have discovered in their relationship. At the end of the session, Rogers reviews what he has learned about their partnership.

Length: 44 minutes

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