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Free Learning in a Traditional School Environment (01:57)


Carl Rogers suggests teachers enlist student cooperation in meeting school curricula requirements, while focusing most time on free learning projects.

Teaching Basic Skills in a Free Learning Environment (04:02)

Rogers argues that students will take a natural interest in reading to thrive in society. Spelling can be taught as a supplement to creative writing, but not forced on learners. Small program learning units can help students explore individual interest areas.

Transitioning to a Free Learning Environment (03:00)

John M. Whiteley has encountered student resentment around listening to peers or having partially structured learning. Rogers says not all students are ready to accept freedom; theoretically a class can be split into groups according to learning style.

Contracting with Students (01:50)

Rogers discusses a section from his book "Freedom to Learn" on providing a bridge for teachers desiring greater freedom but obligated to fulfill school requirements.

Grading Systems (03:27)

Rogers says teachers and students can try to come to an agreement about how to evaluate work that is fair and democratic. However, it is difficult to reach complete consensus.

Redesigning School Administrations (03:05)

The American education system is designed to maximize efficiency and transmit static knowledge. Rogers believes it will take a revolution to shift to a free learning environment.

Educational Values (06:03)

As an individualist, Rogers questions the role of schools in transmitting middle class values to students. Schools should help students consider value issues and choose values in an informed way. Rogers discusses the tendency to select values conducive to social harmony.

Making the Valuing Process Explicit (02:24)

Rogers argues that it would take a revolution to expose the traditional educational system's subversive values of passivity and conformity. He advocates for individuals openly choosing their own values.

Free Learning Environment Graduates (02:20)

Rogers believes students will be independent thinkers and democratic citizens, and learn not to yield to social pressure.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Education: Part 2 (00:39)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Education: Part 2

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Carl Rogers on Education: Part 2

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In this video discussion with John Whiteley, Carl Rogers expresses his views on education, considering the restrictions and obligations imposed by teachers on their students, equality in education, and education as a transmitter of societal values.

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