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Problems in the American Educational System (03:54)


Carl Rogers argues that significant life lessons cannot be taught. He feels that curricula are out dated; teachers should focus on learning styles and material relevance to better engage students.

Retaining Knowledge (02:28)

Rogers agrees that the student should be responsible for their own learning. They are more likely to remember interesting and relevant material. Teachers and facilitators should provide learning resources.

Facilitating Learning (04:00)

Rogers clarifies that teachers who place learning responsibility on the student do not have an easier job. They must intelligently elicit real questions, provide resources to answer questions, and highlight related questions. He discusses ways to engage students with relevant material.

Human Aspects of Learning Environments (05:09)

Rogers says facilitators must trust in the student's capacity to learn and to choose among learning alternatives. Caring for students and detecting both cognitive and feeling aspects of their questions is also important.

Shifting the Learning Environment (03:18)

Rogers discusses challenges for students used to traditional educational settings to take on their own learning responsibilities. He anticipates resentful reactions, exercises patience, and tries to inspire independent interest.

Creating a Learning Climate (04:16)

Rogers suggests enlisting teachers open to his teaching framework or training new educators to facilitate student learning. Teachers can use training or sensitivity groups to become less defensive.

Rekindling Enthusiasm for Discovery (05:13)

Rogers argues that traditional schools remove the excitement from learning. Once students accept responsibility for their own learning, they can have rewarding experiences. Sharing knowledge between students can also inspire learning.

Sharing Knowledge among Students (02:57)

Rogers believes open discussion of learning difficulties and mistakes would help traditional education systems transition to a less competitive environment.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Education: Part 1 (00:38)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Education: Part 1

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Carl Rogers on Education: Part 1

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In this video discussion with John Whiteley, Carl Rogers discusses his ideas on education and the psychology of the learning process.

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