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History and Development of REP (05:06)


Albert Ellis developed Rational Emotive Psychotherapy during his time as a psychoanalyst. He believes this therapy is effective because it focuses on the value systems which are central to human nature.

Philosophy and Emotional Reactions (06:38)

Ellis and his colleagues found personal ways of thinking, philosophies, and moral standards have a direct effect on emotional and mental wellbeing. Ellis asserts irrational thinking is responsible for negative emotional behavior and upsets.

Therapy Assignments (05:34)

While practicing psychoanalysis, Ellis found giving patients clear assignments to complete between therapy sessions helped to rapidly increase their state of mental health. The belief that a person needs the approval of others is fundamentally irrational.

Who Should Undergo REP? (04:30)

Ellis asserts his method of therapy does not intend to impose a particular set of values on clients, but pinpoints value systems which are harmful to mental health. This type of therapy is not available to all individuals but can be helpful for patients suffering from borderline personality disorder, psychopathy, manic depression and other emotional dysfunctions.

Recent Developments in Psychology (03:54)

Therapists practicing Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy should help patients to connect with and understand their emotions. If a client understands their emotions, he or she will better understand irrational behavior.

Credits: Albert Ellis on Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy (00:46)

Credits: Albert Ellis on Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy

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Albert Ellis on Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy

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In this video discussion between Albert Ellis and John Whiteley, Ellis discusses the origins of rational-emotive therapy (R.E.T.) and offers his views on the advantages it offers over other methods of psychoanalysis.

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