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RET Therapy Methods (04:21)


Albert Ellis discusses differences in conducting group and individual therapy sessions. Group sessions are led by trained professionals to meet the needs of individuals struggling with mental health.

Leaders of RET Group Therapy (05:08)

Therapy sessions leaders are postdoctoral fellows who receive training from the Institute of Advanced Study in Rational Psychotherapy. Leaders studied psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric social work, and occasionally other related fields. Patients who cannot make productive contributions are not allowed in group therapy sessions.

Individual Versus Group RET Therapy (05:59)

Ellis considers group work to be beneficial to people who have social anxiety because it allows them to do assertion-training with psycho-dramatic techniques taught by the therapists. Ellis explains integrating trust exercises.

Studying Marathon Therapy (04:39)

Ellis and other mental health professionals establish weekends of "marathon therapy sessions" in which groups and individuals talk candidly about emotional struggles. Some patients experience continual mental health improvements following the sessions; psychologists are still studying the effects.

Improving Mental Health (04:37)

Individuals who take risks and share emotional states or anxiety levels during group therapy are better able to understand and improve emotional well-being. Ellis refers to the goals of therapy sessions to "anti-awfulize."

Therapy in Elementary Schools (03:25)

Ellis has written extensively about his work within the psychological field of marital counseling. He is developing the Living School to teach children emotional education.

Credits: Rational-Emotional Therapy Applied to Groups (00:33)

Credits: Rational-Emotional Therapy Applied to Groups

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In this video interview with John Whiteley, Albert Ellis discusses the use of rational emotive psychotherapy in a group setting. He considers the greater risk to the individual in the area of self-disclosure, as well as the better potential for a clearer understanding of the individual's personal activity or response to the therapy, explaining that an individual can avoid the truth with a counselor, but that groups create a different dynamic and bring out different responses. Ellis discusses the advantages of RET, defines the role and training of the group leader, and presents the use of exercises.

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