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Stress Induced Anxiety (08:46)


Albert Ellis speaks with a young woman named Pat who has been recently divorced. Pat is struggling with anxiety and depression because she fears she might run into or hear stories about her ex-husband from mutual friends.

Managing Mental Health (09:48)

Ellis points out to Pat how demanding she is of herself and that she placed all of the pressure on herself to make her relationship with her ex-husband successful. Pat has been taking responsibility for her ex-husband's feelings, actions, and future and believes she does so with others.

Rational Emotive Therapy (01:45)

Ellis talks his client through methods by which to visualize herself in a better life so that she might realize that better version of herself. If Pat stops seeing herself as the one who hurt her former spouse and instead sees that his emotional responses are hurting him, then she will be able to let go of much of her depression and anxiety.

Understanding Therapeutic Methods (08:36)

Thomas Allen talks with Ellis about the processes he used during his therapy session with Pat, particularly about his suggested use of Rational Emotive Therapy. Particular to Pat's depression and anxiety, as a psychologist, Ellis was able to quickly determine why and how she enters into her mental health problems.

Credits: A Demonstration With a Young Divorced Woman (00:33)

Credits: A Demonstration With a Young Divorced Woman

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Albert Ellis: A Demonstration With a Young Divorced Woman

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In this video demonstration with a young divorced woman, Albert Ellis highlights his rational-emotive psychotherapy theory of illogical and irrational beliefs which cause disturbance and shows how the effective therapist unmasks his patient's illogical thinking. Ellis describes his techniques in a debriefing after the demonstration.

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