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Inevitability of the Group Process (02:53)


An encounter group participant tries to analyze her emotions about interacting with others. Carl Rogers discusses how the group has moved from superficial conversation to deeper communication, including giving one another honest feedback.

Facilitator's Role (03:20)

Kathy worries her self-centeredness retracts from relationships with others. Group members provided positive feedback to counter negative feedback. He explains why he intervened to give her the opportunity for a break.

Avoiding Group Self-Consciousness (03:02)

Emily disagrees with a male participant’s view that she pushes people away. Rogers suspects Emily wanted to help deflect attention from Kathy, who was overwhelmed with emotion. He observes the shift, but does not comment.

Exploring Insecurities (05:18)

Emily says she is socially insatiable; Rogers says she does not seem like a person needing attention. Emily obsesses over the one person finding her unattractive. Kathy discusses the male tendency to focus on physical appearance.

Engaging the Facilitator (03:53)

Rogers appreciates when participants begin to see him as part of the group. He tries not to disturb the group process, as they engage in deeper communication. He discusses attempting to understand Emily's anger.

Encouraging Participation (03:49)

Rogers tries to engage a young woman who feels she is not contributing enough to the group. She says she does not have immediate reactions toward other members. Rogers reflects on his response to her.

Unconditional Positive Regard (02:59)

Kathy is angry about Roger's belief that people can have immediate feelings of love toward others. Rogers tries to acknowledge and understand the root of her emotion.

Self-Perception vs. Outward Appearance (05:50)

Kathy is angry about reactions to a comment she made in a previous session. Another participant is surprised by her anger. He expresses anger toward her “insincerity.” Rogers believes they have unfinished business.

Closing an Encounter Group Session (01:40)

Rogers ends with positive and negative feelings among participants; they have run out of time. He says there is no appropriate closing time for this type of group therapy.

Credits: Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 2 (00:38)

Credits: Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 2

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Carl Rogers Conducts an Encounter Group: Part 2

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This program continues following the encounter group led by Carl Rogers, with additional commentary from Rogers on group process.

Length: 35 minutes

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