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Changing the Marital Concept (05:05)


After interviewing couples, Carl Rogers found that healthy marriages are viewed as a process of continual change, rather than a static cage. Focusing on the present is important, as people cannot keep irrelevant vows.

Communication in Marriage (05:12)

Continuous feelings of boredom or resentment of one's partner necessitate vocalization. The risk of putting problems aside is greater than addressing them and searching for solutions.

Alternative to the Merging Metaphor (05:11)

Healthy marriages are ones in which each partner has developed a strong and unique sense of self. They can foster separate interests or develop interests together, but one should not submerge him or herself in the other's identity.

Dropping Conventional Roles (03:11)

Neither partner should try to live according to social expectations. They should behave in ways that work for their particular partnership. Rogers provides examples of traditional gender roles.

Education and Marital Enrichment (06:57)

Rogers advocates improving preparation for partnership in schools, families, and culture. This could include family problem-solving sessions, expressing feelings and learning to accept honest feedback, and mixed gender discussions of dating. Couples could attend group therapy before and after marriage.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Persons as Partners (00:44)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Marriage: Persons as Partners

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Carl Rogers on Marriage: Persons as Partners

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In this video discussion with John Whiteley, Carl Rogers describes conditions he has researched over the years that distinguish successful relationships between men and women from unsuccessful ones.

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