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Development Process (01:45)


John M. Whiteley asks Dr. Leona Tyler about transforming potentialities into actualities. People begin with many possible courses of development and narrow their pathways over time. At the same time, they acquire new skills and broaden possibilities.

Considering an Individual's Future (01:52)

Tyler discusses the counselor's role in helping clients to select and develop potentialities. A high school counselor could encourage a girl to sign up for math classes to increase career prospects.

Addressing Confusion (03:04)

When Tyler entered the field, counseling was primarily vocational; after World War II, it shifted to psychotherapy. During the 1960s, it looked at personal relationships. Now, young people are overwhelmed by choices; she recommends counselors use non-directive guidance techniques.

Addressing Isolation (03:45)

Tyler discusses how young people are facing increased uncertainty and searching for meaning. Group therapy can provide support, but is not a permanent solution. She advocates encouraging young people to join organizations with people of all ages.

Choosing a Counseling Technique (03:31)

Tyler selects concepts to fit human situations that she encounters. She encourages counselors to read widely and organize personal theories. Developing human lives is a complex system of interacting variables.

Possibility Theory (02:54)

The way people choose a course of life is governed by organizations and cognitive structures channeling an individual's experience. Counselors should try to understand what shapes the client's life choices.

Behavioral Change and Goal Achievement (02:21)

Tyler argues that changing behavior is not the main objective of counseling; it is to help people become what they want to be. The counselor helps the client plan situations in which reinforcements contribute to their objective.

Credits: Leona Tyler on Counseling (00:41)

Credits: Leona Tyler on Counseling

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Leona Tyler on Counseling

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In this video discussion with John Whiteley, psychologist and former president of the APA Leona Tyler talk about the role of the counselor, how a counselor selects a counseling theory, the objectives of counseling, and the needs of counseling.

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