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Traveling on Foot (03:45)


Thousands of refugees slept at the Budapest Keleti Train station until they decided to walk to Austria. Germany welcomes those seeking asylum. The Hungarian government's trains take the refugees to a refugee camp and treat them badly.

144 Miles to Vienna (04:25)

A refugee describes how the Syrian War caused education and job loss, resulting in Syrians believing they had no identity. Hungarians hand out water and food to the walking population. A man gives his shoes to his wife because hers have caused blisters to erupt.

Stopping to Rest Overnight (02:44)

Syrians traveling to Austria stop walking after 11 hours. Mahmoud lost his leg due to a bomb explosion. Hungarians pass out clothing and food to the families.

Distrust of Hungarian Government (05:53)

Under international pressure, Hungary has agreed to transport the refugees to the border of Austria via bus; many are afraid they will be taken to a camp. The group agrees to allow one bus to travel, and then call back when it reaches the border. The refugees travel by train to Munich.

Credits: We Walk Together (00:05)

Credits: We Walk Together

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In this video, thousands of refugees were sleeping rough at Budapest’s Keleti station, waiting for trains to take them to western Europe. Then, they just got up and walked. Guardian journalist and filmmaker John Domokos went with them. This is the story of the Syrians seeking asylum in Germany and those who aided them on their journey.

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