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Escalating Violence (03:52)


After Muslims murdered a Buddhist monk in Myanmar by pouring gas on him and burning him alive, monks retaliated by carrying around the dead body, stoning mosques, and shouting hate speech. Secret Police follow anyone who speaks against the newest regime. The Ma Ba Tha seeks to cleanse the country of Muslims.

Changing Opinions (05:13)

Abbott Galoni spent 20 years in prison and now runs an organization trying to promote peace within the region. U Rarzar publishes a biweekly magazine for the Ma Ba Tha discussing how Muslims terrorize and rape women. Zaw Zaw Latt and Pwint Phyu Latt attempt to unify the ethnic groups the Ma Ba Tha targets.

Creating Peace (04:33)

The Burmese government has not helped the Rohingya who live on the border of Bangladesh. Secret Police watch the filmmakers. Abbott Galoni invites U Rarzar, Zaw Zaw, and Pwint to an informal summit.

Predicting Future Conflict (02:56)

Pwint wants peace for the next generation. U Rarzar explains that Muslims should not be granted full citizenship. Since the documentary completed filming, the Rohingya were attacked and over 1000 individuals were killed.

Credits: The Battle for Myanmar's Buddhist Spirit (00:12)

Credits: The Battle for Myanmar's Buddhist Spirit

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In Myanmar, different groups of Buddhist monks are battling with how to deal with the country’s minority Muslim population. While some advocate peace, others, such as the extremist Ma Ba Tha, incite hatred and violence. In this film, The Guardian investigates how the monks’ actions are threatening to destabilize the country’s newly established democracy.

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