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Rachel Carson Remembered (02:01)


Moyers pays tribute to biologist, environmental pioneer and author of "Silent Spring," Rachel Carson. We see her in film clips. A chemist of the era disputes her claims of ecological damage.

Kaiulani Lee Performs as Rachel Carson (04:11)

Kaiulani Lee talks about her one-woman play, "A Sense of Wonder," and portrays Carson in 1963 after the publishing of "Silent Spring," about to face her critics again.

Scenes from "A Sense of Wonder" (02:41)

Kaiulani Lee portrays Rachel Carson at her summer home on Maine's shore with her adopted son, Roger. We see a film clip of Carson inspiring children with a sense of nature's wonder.

Rachel Carson's Private Life (02:39)

Kaiulani Lee talks about writing her play, "A Sense of Wonder." Lee explains that Carson was a private person and details of her life were mostly unknown. Moyers gives background information.

Carson Writes About the Sea (03:53)

In a scene from Lee's play, "A Sense of Wonder," we hear Carson explain how her writing career began. Moyers introduces Carson's three books about the sea that popularized science writing.

The Power to Destroy Earth (01:41)

Lee points out that the advent of the atomic bomb initiated Carson's sense of danger to the environment, augmented by the growth of the chemical industry and pervasiveness of pesticide use.

Effects of Pesticide Spraying (02:15)

Lee performs a scene from "A Sense of Wonder" in which Carson describes the devastating effect of DDT spraying over a bird sanctuary which forced her to write "Silent Spring." We see clips of pesticide spraying.

Environmental Poisoning (04:22)

In Lee's play, "A Sense of Wonder," Carson talks about the refusal of publishers to accept her articles that warned about the poisoning of the environment. She knew it was urgent to disseminate this information.

Rachel Carson's Critics (07:17)

Lee enacts a scene from "A Sense of Wonder," in which Carson has finished "Silent Spring" after four painful years and releases it to the world where it enjoined a battle of followers and critics, lawsuits and slander.

Rachel Carson Continues the Campaign (04:39)

Rachel Carson endures vilification. Meanwhile she was dying of cancer, worrying about her adopted son, Roger, and continuing her work in the public arena.

President Kennedy's Support (03:38)

Rachel Carson testifies in a congressional hearing. In a scene from "A Sense of Wonder," Carson notes the support of President Kennedy which was a turning point for federal policy to safeguard the environment.

The Pushback Continues (03:19)

In a scene from "A Sense of Wonder," Carson invokes the interconnectedness of humans and nature. Rachel Carson's courageous campaign for protection of the environment continues to be attacked today by powerful interests.

Photographic Artist Chris Jordan (05:56)

Photographic artist Chris Jordan talks about his work which invokes the waste that our consumerism engenders. His photographs were appreciated for their beauty until his new project emphasized the quantity of consumed items.

Quantities Represented (04:48)

We see digital images of multiple photographs that represent the massive quantities of toothpicks, plastic bottles, batteries, jet trails and such from short periods in a day. Quantities of prison uniforms represent prison occupancy.

Credits: Bill Moyers Journal: Rachel Carson, Nature’s Guardian (01:34)

Credits: Bill Moyers Journal: Rachel Carson, Nature’s Guardian

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In this program, Bill Moyers pays tribute to environmental crusader Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring. Grim footage of ecological degradation from the pre-Carson era is combined with generous excerpts from actress Kaiulani Lee’s one-woman play about Carson’s life called A Sense of Wonder to honor the legacy of an individual who, heedless of personal cost, sounded the alarm that launched the environmental movement. Moyers also talks with photographic artist Chris Jordan, who turns the statistics of consumerism into indelible images of consumption and waste. Broadcast date: September 21, 2007. (58 minutes)

Length: 57 minutes

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