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Introduction—Julian Fellowes: Tribute to Edith Wharton (01:32)


James H. Bride describes how Julian Fellowes is the recipient of the Edith Wharton Lifetime Achievement Award. The novelist wrote 40 books in 40 years and won the Pulitzer Prize for "The Age of Innocence." Lord Christopher Tugendhat introduces Fellowes.

Wharton's Inspiration (08:34)

Fellowes describes how his professor at Cambridge did not believe in reading anything written after 1600. After marrying Teddy Wharton, the author moved to The Mount. Wharton wrote "The House of Mirth" in response to her husband's deepening depression.

Fellowes' Career (07:29)

Fellowes traces his biography from "Snobs" to "Downton Abbey." Bob Balaban requested the "Gosford Park" script. The screenwriter recounts how he originated the idea for the Turk's death in season one and the impact of Wharton's novels on the television show.

Credits— Julian Fellowes: Tribute to Edith Wharton (00:11)

Credits— Julian Fellowes: Tribute to Edith Wharton

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Julian Fellowes: Tribute To Edith Wharton

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Recently, The Edith Wharton Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Lord Julian Fellowes actor, novelist, film director, and screenwriter for his extraordinary accomplishments in the literary, television and film world. At Wharton's 150th birthday celebration at the Harvard Club of Boston, Fellowes addresses Wharton's significant influences on his writing career. Like Wharton's own references to her New York and Newport social milieu, Fellowes scrutinizes his adaptation and profiling of literary characters from his own life, especially those featured in his triumphant television series, Downton Abbey. Fellowes recognized Wharton's literary accomplishments, noting her prolific output of "Publishing forty books in forty years." Additionally, he offers insights and observations about her narratives, style and characterizations by affirming that, "I have learned the Edith Wharton lesson, that while criticizing she still adds mercy for the characters, and yet she does not condemn them." Moreover, as Fellowes notes, "Wharton's warmth and wit are interwoven into the truth of her observations." And like Wharton's own family historical references, Fellowes acknowledges that, "He writes about the society he knows and lives." Fellowes alludes to three Wharton books, House of Mirth. Custom of The Country, and The Age of Innocence. Fellowes offers a brief biographical overview touching upon early twentieth century New York social society as well as Wharton's unsuccessful marriage to Teddy Wharton. Her America and Europe coterie emphasized literary, artistic and architectural notables. Two significant American writers, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Henry James became lifelong friends.

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