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System of Business (03:05)


Businesses operate in a conservative system based on fear, control, and mistrust. Routines can help businesses operate, but they can lose the competitive edge if there is no creativity.

Creativity in the Workplace (03:59)

For creativity to flourish in the workplace employees must be open to suggestions. Anita Roddick runs her business in a moral way that is focused on the human spirit.

Receptive to New Ideas (04:23)

For a creative renaissance to occur everyone must be open to new ideas. Businesses have a tendency to focus on the ways something will not work more than how it could work.

Taking Risks (08:44)

Employees at an energy company are completing a ropes course to show there is no punishment for taking a leap or looking scared. Most creatives ideas just need someone to have the courage to take the first step.

Stimulating Creativity (04:49)

An office building in Sweden was designed to stimulate the creativity of employees at a consulting company. The building inspires employees to find new ways of looking at a problem.

Internal Judgement (04:09)

Creativity is often hindered by an internal voice of judgment. Having awareness and understanding of the voice can help people achieve their creative ideas.

Collaboration (03:09)

When people working together believe in each other their creativity can grow stronger. Composer Benny Golson works with other musicians to score television shows.

Breaking the Rules (05:59)

The founder of Patagonia encourages employees to go against the standards of the industry to create new ideas. He uses his own management styles and ignores normal practices, such as advertising.

Creative Process (08:41)

Japanese society views creativity differently than American society. Anything that is brought to Japan from a different culture is adapted to fit its new surroundings. Traditional techniques are adapted for new technology.

Appreciating Work (07:31)

A machinery company in Sweden has engineers sign their work to give them a sense of pride in what they create. The employees have a sense of responsibility and feel a connection with the customers.

Credits: The Creative Spirit at Work (01:37)

Credits: The Creative Spirit at Work

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A look at creativity in the global workplace. We visit companies in Europe, the U.S., and Japan to learn how businesses are using innovative programs to enhance the creative output of their people. Unusual architecture, meditation, an outdoor obstacle course, and lack of managerial hierarchy are some of the successful programs in use today.

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