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Developing Creativity (09:04)


It is easier to hinder creativity in children than it is to create it. Research has identified four ways that children's creativity can be damaged. Children's museums allow for students to express themselves creatively.

Children's Perspective (04:37)

Animator Chuck Jones explains how children's drawings reflect how they see the world. Anything can be a new creative experience for a child. Maria Montessori created a new style of teaching based on self-direction and hands-on learning.

Project-Based Learning (10:16)

A community in Northern Italy is using project-based learning in its early childhood education system. The students are given a meaningful project that encourages them to express creativity and problem-solving.

Creative Motivation (06:27)

The ways art and creativity are handled in school can stifle a child's enjoyment of it. People must have intrinsic motivation to continue creative pursuits. The motivation is internal and comes from a sense of passion.

Forms of Creativity (06:20)

Any human action can be done with a sense of creativity. Nurturing creativity in children involves finding their areas of strength.

Educational Experiments (06:44)

Not every child thrives in a normal educational setting despite being creativity. The Key School in Indiana creates lessons to engage a full range of intelligence. The school is focused more on problem solving than memorization.

Creative Expression (10:02)

Solving problems can be a form of creative expression for children. The Odyssey of the Mind competition gives students a problem, which they must solve creatively.

Credits: Creative Beginnings (01:36)

Credits: Creative Beginnings

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This program looks at how adult creativity is formed by our childhood experiences. It poses the question, "Are we crushing or liberating the creativity of our children?" New teaching techniques that encourage creativity are examined. Creativity in the home is explored, and suggestions for avoiding "creativity killers" are depicted through humorous animation.

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