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Corporate Downsizing: Who Goes First? (15:52)


Public officials, CEOs, union leaders, professors, and journalists are brought together to play roles in an imaginary story looking at the changing American workplace; in this scenario, each panelist is a part of a company's downsizing process. The corporation is known as Heartland Industries, and the panel is moderated by Elizabeth Warren.

Temporary Workers: Problem or Solution? (06:13)

Heartland must decide whether they will hire temporary workers during the busiest season of production; Warren asks panelists if workers recently laid off by the corporation would return temporarily despite broken trust. Marge Roukema states workers once only changed careers a maximum average of two times, but now workers are expected to change careers upwards of seven times.

Unions: What Is Their Role in the New Workplace? (22:10)

Casey Sharpe argues the case for unionization in that it will serve to protect the worker's rights as well as create more trust between the managers and employees; other panelists argue unions only serve to make the workplace less efficient. Warren says the business now requests givebacks from its employees, and the panelist argues the effectiveness of a strike scenario.

Labor Relations: What Does the Future Hold? (09:47)

The company avoids a strike and works with the employees to bring in business advisors and consultants to help run the company; panelist argues whether product development should work directly with the customers. The company decides each sector will handle their own disciplinary action as a trial run for the corporation.

Credits: Job Today, Gone Tomorrow (01:28)

Credits: Job Today, Gone Tomorrow

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A major manufacturing and retailing business finally is on the road to recovery after years of losses. But in order to remain profitable, it begins to downsize its workforce. What are the obligations of a company to its workers? Where do unions fit in? Is it ethical to replace strikers with permanent replacements? University of Pennsylvania Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren helps a panel of workers and managers, including U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, confront these issues.

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