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Art of Photography (03:44)


Cameras are a modern technology that most people use without fully understanding. Photography is based on each person's perspective and the way he or she uses the camera.

Emmet Gowin (05:27)

Gowin photographs his wife's family in rural Virginia. He sees symbolism and storytelling in photographs.

Finding a Subject (06:01)

Gowin trusts his feelings about knowing what to photograph. He finds beauty in revealing the layers of a structure.

Garry Winogrand (05:11)

Winogrand photographs life and frames the image based on what he wants to include. He says photos have no narrative ability because they only capture what a moment looked like.

Photographic Process (06:40)

Winogrand learns through failure. He takes thousands of photographs and searches through them for the ones he wants to use in his shows.

Credits: The Photographer's Eye (02:00)

Credits: The Photographer's Eye

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The Photographer's Eye

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Bill Moyers compares the styles of photographers Emmet Gowin and Garry Winogrand.

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