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Truck Artwork (05:01)


Mega Artworks paints murals on the sides of Best Products' semi-trucks. Artists are hoping to surprise drivers with unexpected artwork.

Solar Sculptures (03:19)

These sculptures sit alongside roadways and use mirrors and other materials to create light shows. The artist uses solar refactors to manipulate light into spectrums of color.

Public Art (04:06)

An artist in New York City created numerous small sculptures to be placed inside a park fountain. The art is meant to be outside and a normal aspect of the park for people to enjoy.

Watts Towers (03:28)

Simon Rodia created structures and artwork out of objects he found near his home in an impoverished area of Los Angeles. He worked on his structures for more than 50 years.

Sculpture Garden (01:31)

In an area of San Francisco, anyone is welcome to build a sculpture. The sculptures are not permanent, so the garden is always changing.

Murals (09:12)

Murals are common in urban areas as a way to brighten up city life. They can can contain social and political messages. An artist in Los Angeles gives troubled children an opportunity to help with a public mural.

Credits: Out Art (01:40)

Credits: Out Art

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A survey of unusual art in improbable places. Included: colorful supergraphics painted on the sides of trucks and Los Angeles's Watts towers, which are constructed from junk.

Length: 31 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1982

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