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Inventor Psychology (03:23)


Creativity helps inventors think of new ideas, but science and hard work makes them a reality. Most inventors face doubt that their ideas are feasible.

Inventor Harold Black (02:19)

Black holds more than 300 patents. He invented a way to make telephone calls less distorted by amplification. He worked on the problem for six years and the answer come to him in a flash.

Patent System (06:19)

The system keeps a record of all inventions. An archive is stored in the New York Public Library. The system was created to encourage inventions.

Business of Inventing (02:47)

Most patented inventions never make it to the market. A successful inventor says it is easier for a businessman to buy a business that already makes something than work with an individual inventor.

Utah Innovation Center (04:07)

A sheep herder in Utah invented an animal transponder to find sheep that stray from the flock. He brought his idea to the center, which evaluates inventions for marketability.

New Ideas (07:48)

The Utah Innovation Center is also a space for inventors to develop new ideas. The center gets money from investors to start ideas existing companies could manufacture. It can take years for patents to be granted.

Credits: The Inventors (01:41)

Credits: The Inventors

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The Inventors

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Inventors and their creations are surveyed as Bill Moyers tours an exhibition at the U.S. Patent Office. Also: the Utah Innovation Center.

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