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Creative Source (09:17)


An artist says his creativity comes from an unconscious well inside him. He calls the experience a state of grace, which other artists and inventors have felt as well. A movie director talks about waiting for the right time for an idea.

Maya Angelou (07:14)

Angelou is a writer, poet, and civil rights activist. She draws creative expression from her life experiences and dreams. She returns to her childhood home in Stamps, Arkansas.

Old Country Store (03:29)

Angelou and her family lived in the back of Stamps' country store. She talks about childlike wonder and amazement with the items in the store. Cotton pickers would be picked up for a day’s work in the field outside the store.

Segregated Stamps (09:15)

As a child, Angelou did not appreciate the beauty of the pond nearby because it was simply a part of the town. The pond and the rest of Stamps was segregated. Black people lived on one side of the railroad tracks and whites lived on the other.

Maya Angelou's Childhood Friend (04:17)

Angelou spends time with her first friend, Louisa. They reconnect after having lost touch in recent years.

Love of Reading (02:19)

Angelou started reading at a young age and attempted to read every book in the library. She talks about hearing music in Shakespeare's writing.

Maya Angelou's Family (04:58)

Angelou meets with a woman, who knew her grandmother. Her grandmother was well respected by the black residents of Stamps. Angelou felt rage toward the white children when they disrespected her grandmother.

Maya Angelou: Leaving Home (09:27)

Music and poetry helped Angelou get out of Stamps. She enjoyed church more for the music than the religion. She talks about a family friend, who helped her learn about poetry.

School Presentation (06:11)

Angelou visits a local school to speak with the students. She shares a poem about struggles in childhood.

Credits: Maya Angelou (02:17)

Credits: Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou

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Bill Moyers goes home to Stamps, Arkansas with poet, writer, and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

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