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Weather and Climate (07:45)


Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research are studying thunderstorms in Montana to better humans' effect on the environment. Life on Earth depends on the climate of the planet. Teams of scientists must work together to understand the complex issues.

Simultaneous Science (05:48)

To understand the atmosphere, scientists must understand the numerous processes happening simultaneously. Computers must perform billions of calculations to understand an hour of weather patterns.

Airborne Experiment (07:09)

The research center is sending specialized planes into clouds to study the conditions within them. Pilots also fly into thunderstorms so the conditions can be recorded by a computer.

Climate Change (05:22)

The threat of climate change has inspired the scientists to closely study the problem. The increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is causing the planet to warm.

Credits: National Center of Atmospheric Research (02:21)

Credits: National Center of Atmospheric Research

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National Center of Atmospheric Research

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Take a look at the team effort involved in a National Center for Atmospheric Research project examining thunderstorms in eastern Montana.

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