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Garbage and Archaeology (07:03)


Archaeology students at the University of Arizona are looking at garbage to learn about modern society. Someone's garbage shows a more truthful picture of their everyday life than they will admit to.

Liquid Garbage (07:08)

Sludge is liquid garbage created by treating water at sewage plants. A small town in Texas is using earthworm to eat the sludge and turn it into soil. The process is being used on a small scale but the town is hoping to expand.

Garbage Art (05:24)

A modern artist makes her pieces out of garbage she finds in New York City. She uses her ability to spot art in discarded items to create collages.

Garbage Collectors (06:56)

The head of the sanitation department in Tucson, Arizona talks about having a sense of pride in the work. City administration helped reform the department with new equipment, incentives, and a positive work environment.

Credits: Garbage: Another Way of Seeing It (03:08)

Credits: Garbage: Another Way of Seeing It

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Garbage: Another Way of Seeing It

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Take a visit to the University of Arizona, where archaeologists sift through refuse for clues about current life styles, and to a Texas town that uses its sludge to produce topsoil.

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