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Religion of the Founding Fathers (04:46)


God and public life have been intertwined since America’s founding, but now religious and non-religious citizens are beginning to question the future relationship between the church and the state. In the 1860s, a coalition was created to remove explicitly religious terms from the American Constitution, but since then, those requests have always been denied.

Religious Right (05:41)

John F. Kennedy was America's first elected Catholic president, and he spoke out in support of the separation of church and state; hear an excerpt from JFK’s speech on religion in politics. Many religious Americans feel their moral values are being threatened by the government. Reverend James Forbes, a liberal Christian, believes the religious right emphasizes morality over social justice.

Scientific Manipulation (07:17)

George W. Bush was supported by the Christian Coalition and he supports them in return; Bush placed limitations on scientific endeavors including stem cell research, and placed an amendment banning same-sex marriage. India also struggles with religion and its national identity; India is majority Hindu but is still the home of 100,000,000 Muslims.

Pro-Life Legislation (04:58)

Forbes says he approves when political leaders discuss how their moral values affect their worldview and policies; Bush removed funding from all agencies mentioning abortion, and Madeleine Albright finds this political action troubling. Henry Waxman and Danielle Tierney discuss scare tactics the administration used against women considering abortions.

Religious Federal Funding (08:04)

Bush signed an executive order banning discrimination of federal grants to faith-based charities. Secular organizations, such as New York's Project Renewal, received massive cuts in funding. Views on the role of religion in politics vary greatly by country.

Future of the Church and State (08:13)

The political and religious tensions are very complex in Israel, which is a Jewish State focused primarily on Orthodox Judaism. Anat Hoffman of the Israel Religious Action Center explains the different sects of Judaism. Iran was the Middle East's first Islamic State, which is run by a fundamentalist regime and strictly limits the rights of women and minorities.

Credits: God in Government (01:25)

Credits: God in Government

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A documentary exploring the complex relationship between religion and politics in the contemporary world. With the United States as the focal point, and Iran, Israel, and India as object lessons, the film asks fundamental questions: What are the consequences when religion and politics become intertwined? What are the fault lines along which tensions and conflicts occur? What is the appropriate relationship between "church" and state in a modern society?

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