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Gloria Naylor's Childhood (03:23)


Naylor was born in New York in 1950. Her parents were determined that their children not be born in Mississippi, where they were from. Her mother was an avid reader from a sharecropping family.

African-American Woman (05:51)

Naylor explores class settings in her novels. She was heavily influenced by the 1960s. She explains why she is a cultural nationalist.

"Lyndon Hills" (06:00)

Hear a passage from one of Naylor's novel. She explains her two identities. Naylor's beliefs about racism and success are conveyed in "The Women of Brewster Place." Naylor speaks about African-American language.

"Mama Day" (02:43)

Hear a reading from Naylor's novel. She explains her transition to writing screenplays and how writing is a search of identity.

Credits: Gloria Naylor (01:50)

Credits: Gloria Naylor

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Gloria Naylor

Part of the Series : American and African-American Writers
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Gloria Naylor discusses her mother's aspirations to provide her children with greater opportunity than she had, and how her love of books influenced Gloria's trajectory. Growing up in a home that valued education and freedom, she became a progressive thinker exploring the duality of African-American identity in her works. She talks about the language in her books—which grew out of the blues—a representation of both the vibrancy and depth of the African-American experience, as well as the bewilderment and sadness of being othered. Finally, she discusses her move to writing screenplays, her mission to "write on people's eyes."

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