Segments in this Video

Reality of Raising Black Children (04:55)


Wideman is introduced as a professor and author. He speaks about race with his class and acknowledges his disappointment that there are no black students. He talks about the message he received from his parents.

"The Lynchers" and "Philadelphia Fire" (04:27)

Wideman's third novel is a race-centered story about police brutality. He talks about racial stereotypes in sports and privilege in government.

Language of Feeling (04:42)

Wideman critique a student's writing. He talks about transforming his Afro-American experience into writing.

"Dream Time" (05:28)

Wideman has a poetic and experimental writing style. He discusses the notion of chronology and the label of "African-American writer."

"Brothers and Keepers" (04:13)

Hear an excerpt from this book about Wideman's relationship with his brother. He talks about the inspiration behind his only nonfiction novel.

Credits: John Wideman (01:50)

Credits: John Wideman

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John Wideman

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John Wideman is noted for his innovative narrative technique, and for turning his own neighborhood into a mythic place in literature. In this documentary, he talks about sharing his gifts and knowledge of writing with his students at the University of Massachusetts, about his childhood growing up in an inner-city neighborhood and his escape from that through a basketball scholarship, and about the ways his experiences have shaped his literary works.

Length: 27 minutes

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