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Lack of Emotional Recognition (02:29)


Morrison first began writing because she yearned for literature that was not available to her. It existed, but was not taught in schools.

Language of Black People (04:14)

Morrison feels that her real education was unlearning white standards of beauty and value that she had internalized. Hear a passage from her "Beloved".

Art for Art's Sake (04:40)

Morrison describes what art should do for a civilization. Hear a quote from "Jazz". She shares an insight about American culture.

Beloved's Dedication (05:33)

Morrison discusses slavery and society's relationship with the past. Hear her analysis of why white America was founded.

Persistence of Racism (05:21)

Morrison talks about America's school system. Hear a reading from "The Bluest Eye". She talks about her hopes for the future.

Credits: Toni Morrison (01:50)

Credits: Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison

Part of the Series : American and African-American Writers
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In this documentary, Nobel Prize winning author, Toni Morrison speaks about her experience writing as a black female in a tradition dominated by white men. She discusses the centrality of the African-American experience to the American identity and narrative, and the importance of bringing African-American literature into the light. Influenced by her parents' use of storytelling, she sees the purpose of art as not merely "for art's sake," but rather to challenge the reader to move toward "real civilization."

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