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Introduction: Charles Johnson (04:04)


Charles Johnson's writing is inspired by Eastern and Western philosophy and set against the backdrop of African American history. Hear about his upbringing in an Illinois suburb. Johnson speaks about majoring in journalism.

"Black Humor" (03:15)

Hear about the influences behind Johnson's first cartoon novel on racism. Johnson speaks about an inspiring philosophy professor.

Philosophy Student Turns to Marxism (06:00)

Johnson talks about the philosophers he studied in graduate school. He discusses the American spirit, Buddhism, and what inspired "Oxherding Tale."

Martial Arts and Old Questions (03:53)

Johnson reveals how his involvement in sports helps his artistry and focus. Learn about his strict schedule in college.

"Faith and the Good Thing" (04:17)

Hear a quote from one of Johnson's novels. Johnson talks about Ellison's complex writing. Learn about a character in his novel, Rutherford.

Multicultural Writer (02:22)

Johnson teaches creative writing at the University of Washington. He collapses literary boundaries with his mix of genres.

Credits: Charles Johnson (01:49)

Credits: Charles Johnson

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Charles Johnson

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Charles Johnson is an African-American scholar, author, and philosopher. His book, Middle Passage, won the US National Book Award for Fiction in 1990. This documentary explores Johnson's influences, his journey from a political cartoonist to degrees in journalism and philosophy, and how the philosophies of East and West have shaped his literary works.

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