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Alternative Way of Life (03:34)


An ex-apprentice speaks about Hungarian choreographer Rudolf Laban. The coreutic arts embraced the reality of life through dance.

Creative Dance (04:22)

See a performance with minimal music and partially nude dancers. A dancer speaks about her training with Laban.

Recreation of Laban's "Ishtar" (08:49)

A dancer-turned-teacher describes Valerie Preston-Dunlop's influence on her work. Hear how Laban's experimental dances were reimagined and see the final recreation performed.

"The Dancing Drumstick" and "Ishtar" (04:05)

The Laban Event of 2015 revolves around the themes—recreate, rebuild, reproduce, and restage. See a recreated piece by Laban.

Laban's Training Area Project (04:21)

Laban focused on spiritual and mathematic aspects of body movement. A training area was built using his dance principles. See a recreation of one of his performances.

Dalcroze Method (07:19)

Laban's ex-apprentice describes how Laban's work influenced other successful choreographers. See a final piece by the Summit Dance Theatre.

Credits: Another Time: Labanian Recreations (00:47)

Credits: Another Time: Labanian Recreations

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Another Time: Labanian Recreations

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This documentary focuses on the figure and the work of the dancer, choreographer, and dance theoretician Rudolf Laban. Shooting was carried out during the Laban Event held at Monte Verità in Ascona. This event featured two of Laban’s re-creations, which had never been seen before. The director, Roberta Pedrini, followed the entire project from rehearsals at the Trinity Laban Center in London to the final performance at Monte Verità.

Length: 34 minutes

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