Segments in this Video

"The Hairy Ape": In Lisbon (06:00)


Hank Smith, Long, and Paddy enter a bar in Lisbon. Long wants to buy a musical instrument, but Smith forces him to purchase drinks instead.

"The Hairy Ape": Fight Erupts (04:59)

Police arrive to break up a fight between Smith and another sailor. Tony Lazar convinces Smith to return to the ship.

"The Hairy Ape": At the Ship (02:26)

Smith attests that the ship cannot sail without him. The men lament that the ship is taking passengers to New York. Lazar realizes that Helen Parker has not arrived.

"The Hairy Ape": At a Ball (04:06)

Mildred Douglas dances with Aldo the baron. Parker arrives and explains that they must depart on a ship in fifteen minutes. Mr. Cutler says goodbye.

"The Hairy Ape": Running Late (04:43)

Douglas complains about returning to the United States on a freighter. Cutler calls her demanding and inconsiderate. The ship departs Lisbon after Parker, Lazar, and Douglas arrive.

"The Hairy Ape": At Sea (04:34)

Douglas laments the size of the cabin. MacDougald informs Lazar that the ladies need to fend for themselves. Smith leads the men in stoking the fires in the engine room.

"The Hairy Ape": On deck (05:09)

Parker discovers that Lazar was promoted. Douglas grows jealous of their relationship and begins to flirt with Lazar.

"The Hairy Ape": Emerging from the Engine Room (03:33)

The stokers wash off soot. Paddy misses sailing. Smith is happy in his life and wants to help the ship reach 25 knots.

"The Hairy Ape": Flirtation (04:56)

Douglas arranges to sleep in Lazar's cabin. Parker brings her belongings.

"The Hairy Ape": Defying Orders (02:58)

Smith leads the men in feeding the fires. Douglas decides to visit the stokehold. Parker objects when she realizes Douglas lied to Lazar.

"The Hairy Ape": In the Stokehold (04:01)

Paddy feels like he has a broken back. Douglas and Lazar watch the men feed the fires. When Smith objects that an engineer tries to lead the men, Douglas calls him a "hairy ape."

"The Hairy Ape": Brooding (04:53)

Douglas insists that those hovering around her, leave her alone. Smith wants revenge for being insulted and when he confronts Lazar, she pushes him down the ladder; other stokers take him to the furnace.

"The Hairy Ape": Threatening Jail (04:08)

Smith sits while the other stokers feed the furnace. A fight erupts when a man on the other ship ridicules Smith. MacDougald reprimands Lazar and Smith for the encounter.

"The Hairy Ape": One Evening (02:44)

Douglas flirts with Lazar. MacDougald tells Parker that Lazar decided to quit once they reach New York.

"The Hairy Ape": Arriving in New York (02:23)

The passengers depart the freight ship. Parker and MacDougald say goodbye. Paddy and Long take Hank to listen to music.

"The Hairy Ape": Maid Quits (04:29)

Parker is returning to Lisbon. Douglas refuses to see Lazar and has no intention of spending time with him again.

"The Hairy Ape": Confrontation (03:52)

Douglas refuses to see Smith. Police break up a fight that ensues and arrest Smith. When he reacts violently, they spray him with water.

"The Hairy Ape": Reflections (05:36)

Paddy and Long convince the police to release Smith. As they are walking back to the ship, Smith escapes, visits a wild gorilla locked in a cage, and reflects on the similarities between him and the animal.

"The Hairy Ape": Wanting Revenge (05:06)

Smith walks to Douglas' home. Lazar confesses his love; Douglas rebukes him.

"The Hairy Ape": Smith Arrives (05:30)

Douglas faints. Smith puts her on the couch. When she awakens, he shakes her and leaves.

"The Hairy Ape": Local Bar (03:12)

Smith finds Lazar, carries the drunken man to the ship, and resumes his duties as lead stoker.

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This 1944 adaption of Eugene O'Neill's famous and controversial play stars Hank Smith as William Bendix, a brawny ship stoker who becomes obsessed with a beautiful socialite after she calls him a "hairy ape." The socialite is played by Susan Hayward, who received rave reviews for the role. Also starring John Loder, Dorothy Comingore, Roman Bohnen, Tom Fadden and Alan Napier. Directed by Alfred Santell.

Length: 91 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1944

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